Monday, February 25, 2008

Prolific Self Help Author Releases Yet Another Free Download - "Finding Your Own Way to Happiness" book

Here's a new free download for you... A 170-some page book which lays out several dozen approaches to self help. The theme is that you alone can pick your own way to happiness. Just for you.

You're welcome.

Just go to the Way to Happiness book site and there's the address for your free download.

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Farmer-Doctor Claims You Find Your Own Way to Happiness Book; Releases Free Online Download.

Mexico, Mo. Feb 25, 2008 - Prolific Midwestern author Dr. Robert C. Worstell released a free online download today, stating that that you alone can determine your own Way to Happiness - that no one can lay out your path for you.

Dr. Worstell compiled this series of articles from other research files from his online marketing studies.

"They represent a wide variety of approaches to self help and personal development," said Dr. Worstell, "which is exactly what the theme of this book says. The ancient Japanese had a saying, 'there are many paths up the mountain.' An even older tradition from Polynesia states, 'no one school has all the teachers.' It's up to the individual to pick his own path, to make his own trail."

And the approaches in this book reflect the diversity of possible choices. From healthy diets, and self esteem coaching, to "Life Mapping", goal-setting, relaxation, and management approaches - this book contains over 40 articles of entirely different views of self improvement.

"The really fascinating point is that they don't conflict." Dr. Worstell explains, "There are completely valid techniques in every article which can be combined with the rest to bring a new view and approach to age-old problems humankind has endured. What I was trying to do here is to show that there is no one belief-system, religion, or world-view which has all the answers to every problem one can run into."

Dr. Worstell adds to his library of works and expands the theme started with his "Go Thunk Yourself" book series. Here, he found first that all bestselling authors were in fact using the same self help approach. In the later books of this series, and as noted in his blogs, this expanded in scope to show that there was actually the apparency of a single system underlying all humankind operation on this planet.

He has recently expanded his prolific output into videos and podcasting in addition to his books and blogs. Such a recent video was an online world peace lecture, where he said that this system was capable of producing world peace through application of self help books. Another video montage lays out a challenge to use genius abilities he found everyone natively possesses. Worstell says there are no current plans for a video, however this could change - depending on inspiration.

Dr. Worstell attributes his rural background and daily farming chores with helping him to make these breakthroughs, "Often you'll be feeding cattle or spending hours in the tractor seat and inspiration will come to you - suddenly all these ideas will just coalesce and I can't wait to get back to my home-office to cross-check it online. But you have to finish feeding or your field-work first, so farming does tend to build your persistence and patience in research."

Dr. Worstell's "Go Thunk Yourself!" book series is published by online Print-On-Demand Publisher, with the title book also available on and other online booksellers. Dr. Worstell has written and published over three-dozen personal development books, as well as numerous articles, and whitepapers.


Dr. Robert C. Worstell
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